We adhere to the Code of Bushido, the Samurai's Code of Honor.  We not only preach "loyalty, discipline, dedication, bravery and honor... "   we also practice it ourselves.  Our students are not our possessions. We appreciate each and every student that enters our Dojo and strive to help unlock the potential of each student

    Master LeVan,  4th Degree

    Master Corey,  4th Degree

Gi - Integrity    Yu - Courage    Jin - Compassion    Rei - Respect    Makoto - Honesty    Meiyo - Honor    Chugi - Loyalty

There are seven virtues associated with the samurai Code of Bushido:

The   B u s h i d o   C o d e

The   B u s h i d o   C o d e

The   B u s h i d o   C o d e
Learn to defend yourself with confidence. Learn techniques of Aiki Jujitsu and situational Judo throws, as well as self defense from grabs, ground defense principles and tactics, weapons defense, etc. Excellent children's and Adult programs. 
Our instructors are high energy, respectful Martial Artists that work with each student one on one to reach their full potential. With over 325 years of Goshin Jutsu/ Martial Arts experience .. 
Our Instructors will bring out the best in you!

TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL!   Come see why we're different!

Instructors not pictured:

Master Nate Parker (4th Degree)

Sensei Ian Hathaway (3rd Degree)

Shihan Tammy Michalak (5th Degree)

Sensei Berger, 3rd Degree

Kyoshi Bellinger,  7th Degree


At Bushido Martial Arts, we teach the highest level of Martial Arts, but we also teach character building.  Our students learn valuable life and leadership skills.  Classes for Adults and Children of all ages!  Don't delay.. make this YOUR year!    Bushido = Way of the Warrior

    Sensei Crawford, 1st Degree

   Sensei Levinge,  3rd Degree

CONGRATS to Russ Corey- 4th Degree Black Belt- Master Rank

CONGRATS to Kyoshi Don Bellinger  on his promotion to 7th Degree Black Belt.  SPECIAL THANKS to TATSUDO founder SOKE BILL CAVALIER for making this day possible!

   Master Shamp,  4th Degree

Goshin Jutsu Karate  (The Art of Self Defense) - Batavia NY

Bushido Martial Arts

    Sensei Batistie,  1st Degree

    Sensei Stieve,  3rd Degree

CONGRATS to Shihan Vicki Preston and Shihan Justin Cody on their promotions to 5th Degree Black Belts! SPECIAL THANKS to TATSUDO founder SOKE BILL CAVALIER and Kyoshi Don Bellinger

   Shihan Preston,  5th Degree

   Master McKeown,  4th Degree

   Sensei Caroll,  3rd Degree

    Shihan Cody,  5th Degree

karate martials arts, Batavia, NY